"Katy" and other listers:
>I have a different view of all those students who come in under prepared...

>...He was not in my class to learn, but to
>show the courts he was in college. His agenda was not mine. I assumed he
>wanted to learn. He did not. He attended for his own reasons. Since then, I
>don't make the same mistake. My agenda may not be theirs, so that releases
>me of all that responsibility. I teach to those who are there to learn and
>I do not have to worry about those who are present for different reasons....

I wanted to share what I thought was a witty instructor who was having to
lecture in  a chatty classroom.

She said:  "My job here is to teach and lecture.  Your job is to listen,
learn and ask questions.  Whoever finishes their job first, should leave
the room."

Heidi Kueber
SUNY Buffalo