>If a student really is not "cut out" for college. . .

I know I still have some problems with that terminology . . . maybe, in
some cases, "not ready . . ."?

Why? .. .  I guess it's those students who have come here who were told by
teachers, parents, guidance counselors, etc., that they "would never make
it in college."  Wow.  Many of these -- and I'm not talking about a small
"minority," not only graduated -- they got -- and kept -- jobs in their
chosen fields . . . some go on to other colleges and get their bachelor's
and even Master's -- these are often brilliant people who did not fit
someone else's mold . . .

I myself had an instructor who told me I would never make it.  I hate to
think what might have happened if I had internalized his judgment.
Fortunately, there were many other instructors who told me quite otherwise.
 Something to be said for at least a little dash of the "touchy-feely" in

I would much rather err on the side of believing more in learners than what
is possible than believeing less . . . and as much as I might know about
learning -- I do not have a crystal ball.
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