Thanks Peggy.

        I have taught developmental education courses since 1982.  I have worked
in the tutorial arena since 1979.  They both go together, and they both
allow for the development of skills that will take a student through

        I also teach college level courses in many different disciplines
as I can whenever I can find an enlightened institution that does not
cubby hole its courses and instructors.

        But I am a hard-nosed s.o.b. in all of my classes.  All
assignments must be completed to pass my classes.  Failure to complete any
one of them leads to failure for the class.  However, I am always
availalble to my students.  I have all "eight" hours of my day in the
college available to my students, and they have my home phone number to
call me in the evenings. I've had many failures.  I believe some of them
are probably mine -- a failure to commuicate or some personality conflicts
that were not resolved.  But the vast majority of my students have passed.
And those that pass my developmental classes pass the subsequent courses
as well.  I can't take credit for that either.  Those students are

        But it is our responsibility to try to motivate the unmotivated.
Singing, dancing, gyrating, coddling, coercing whatever it takes to get
through to the individual student.  Would that I could reach them all --
it doesn't work that way.

        Unless there is accountability, the buck will continue to be

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