On Mon, 26 Jan 1998, Craig Andres wrote:

> Compare the retention rate year by year to tutored and non-tutored.
> Tutoring is about more than increasing GPA, it's mostly about increasing
> student satisfaction in their educational experience.  I believe
> tutoring increases retention partly because of GPA increase, but mostly
> because students feel less frustration and more gratitude.  Retention is
> what will get the admistrators attention more than anything.

We've done this for students who use our version of SI, and there is a
significant difference of about 10 percentage points.  It looks lovely,
but it's the old chicken-and-egg bit.  Are students who seek SI/tutoring
(it's not required) already more active, motivated, etc. and therefore
more likely to succeed, be retained, etc.?  Or does SI/tutoring impact
them in some positive way that makes them more likely to succeed?

Without a true control group, it's darn hard to quantitatively establish
the actual impact of tutoring-- there are so many uncontrollable
variables.  We've looked at many sources that say this...

Good thing we can impress some of the people some of the time with figures
that, deep down, we're not sure about!

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