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For a new SI leader, I attend 2 sessions per week for the 1st 6 to 8 weeks and once
per week thereafter.  For veteran SI leaders, I attend once per week for the first 8
weeks and periodically after that.  I have found that the numbers of students who
attend SI sessions have a direct correlation with how quickly SI leaders mastersand
stick to the SI model and no correlation to the longevity of SI leader participation in the
program.  I have also found that how quickly SI leaders master the model is directly
connected to the nature and frequency of training from SI supervisors.  SI in not a
program where SI leaders are "trained" for a day or two and then left on their own.
Sadly, I see many trained SI supervisors trying to run SI this way and then
communicating to others that SI doesn't work.  In any case when training is done
improperly, SI leaders will lapse into relecturing and be manipulated into giving content
answers to content questions.  When that happens, you no longer have SI but some
form of the traditional and fairly ineffective discussion or relecuting sessions.

I hope this information is helpful to you and LRNASST colleagues.  Thank you for your
excellent questions and for your concern about SI.

Dennis Congos

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