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Subject: Re: reference needed on mandatory vs. advisory testing
Date: Wed, 28 Jan 1998 20:02:43 EST
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Catherine, et. al.,

Here are the most comprehensive studies I'm aware of on the mandatory
placement vs discretionary placement issue, both of these supporting the

L. Bliss & B. Bonham (1992) "National Study of Developmental Education." (AKA
The Exxon Study)  On six student success variables, discretionary placement
produced better results.  Data developed from this study was never printed in
its entirety in one publication, but you can probably obtain a citation from
either of its developers:

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J. Utterback (1989), "Closing the Door: A Critical Review of Forced Academic
Journal of College Reading and Learning, 22, (1), pp 14-22.  This is a
metanalytic       study with an appropriately rich and worthy list of


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