Unfortunately we would have to run SI after 5pm.
None of our students would have conflicts, unless
they were on an intrumural sports team, in which
case I would question their academic motivation.

Cheryl B Stratton wrote:

> Craig and others interested in SI research,
> I have just returned from the Stanford
> conference in which David Arendale
> had some great thoughts about comparisons.  One
> is this - at the beginning
> of the semester when announcements are being
> made about the availability
> of SI get a list of all interested students.
> Those who do not attend due
> to conflicts in schedule (work or class) or
> other priorities may be called
> motivated in a similar manner that those who
> actually attend SI.  Compare
> these students to SI students.
> This is a very brief description of a frame
> work.  The best person to
> contact is David Arendale  who is on this list
> serve.
> Good Luck,
> Cheryl
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