We do have such a service at our college.  These classes are taught by a
hearing reading teacher who is also an interpreter, thus creating the best
transition for the students. I have also taught in the reading lab with our
deaf reading teacher and we both got to use the lab and the materials, but
neither class disturbed each other. <smile>

You might want to contact Jill Ward, our director of Developmental Ed. She is
the author of a text on American Sign Language and she teaches ASL classes.
Her address is

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Lucy Tribble MacDonald
Chemeketa Community College
4000 Lancaster Dr NE
Salem, OR. 97305

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In a message dated 1/30/98 4:40:56 PM, you wrote:

>I have been approached about creating some new language development
>services for deaf/heard of hearing students.  Inasmuch as these students
>often use sign language, they often lack understanding of the complexities
>of concepts within reading and writing English.
>Would the best person to work with these students be someone with an
>English comp, reading, speech, (or other) background?  Do you have such
>services at your institution or are you aware of an institution that offers
>Thanks for your assistance.
>Rhonda Atkinson, Director
>Learning Assistance Center
>B31 Coates
>Louisiana State University
>(504) 388-2872