In Mathematics at least, I believer there is very little difference in
academic performance between an A student and a B student, or even a D
student and a failing student.  As far as academic success in the next
math course in a sequence, there is huge difference in the success rate
between  D students and  B students.

What I believe a grade says or should say about a student is simple.
How well did that student meet the criteria I set out at the beginning
and during the semester?  As an employer, I have criterial that I want
my tutors to meet when they work.  I initial judge that tutor by their
transcript which states how well they met criteria that was placed
before them in the past.  Would you hire a tutor that had a C- average?
If I ever become an employer that hires recent college graduates, a
large factor I will consider is GPA.  How many of you wouldn't?

Craig Andres
Kettering University

Neal Steiger wrote:

> >     A student's academic performance can be reasonably measured by a
> >     cumulative GPA.
> We tend to take that as a given, yet I still wonder what the evidence
> is
> there for even that assumption, or what "academic performance" means.
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