Winter Institute,  Friday, January 9, 1998

                                         19th Annual Institute

                                  SCOTTSDALE TODAY.  SUN/WINDCHILL FACTOR:
                                  77 DEGREES

                                           Closing Session

Presenter:  Sylvia Mioduski  "Professional Development Opportunities"

     To summarize the week's activities, Sylvia reviewed highlights of
sessions and other activities.  Participants were supplied addresses and email
addresses for each member of the Institute,   professionally related
conferences, workshops, associations, websites, and personages that could be
investigated to enhance one's professional development.  Information and
supplies requested during the week were disseminated.  Plans for next year's
meeting were discussed and input from the group was solicited.  Housekeeping
matters were attended.

Presenter: Frank Christ, "Next Steps"

     In keeping with research in learning theory, members were gathered in
small table-groups to share Institute offerings that they intend to implement
or otherwise pursue upon returning to their institutions.  A person at each
table was assigned to list these implementation plans on a large flip-chart
sheet and append the sheet to a wall so that the entire group could view it.
Examples of intentions for implementation included:  developing a website or
homepage, writing an article describing the Winter Institute and submitting it
to JDE, having the newly developed website address printed on one's calling
card, joining one of the professional organizations, obtaining an email
account, reevaluating one's institutional student assessment system,
changing/augmenting assessment policy, purchasing software previewed at the
Institute, revamping data gathering and data analysis system, and a multitude
of others.

The Institute ended with a luncheon during which certificates of completion
were presented to all attendees.

Summary of Friday's closing session belatedly emailed to LRNASST on Monday,
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 PS.  If you are interested in attending the 1999 Institute, now is the time
to submit your budget request.  If you want information concerning the
Institute, email Sylvia Mioduski <[log in to unmask]> or visit the
Winter Institute Website