Well I am going to start designing the 10 hour training program required
for the certification, and I need some advice.

I plan on using parts of the GPN videos, a couple of guest lectures,
group exercises (like role playing).
I want to emphasize the importance of Positive Reinforcement, and having
a Positive Mental Attitude.

I was thinking of having either three 3.5 hour sessions on Saturdays, or
four 2.5 hour sessions on Saturdays.

I also plan on requiring that a tutor must have one semester of
experience tutoring before they can take the course.

I don't know if I should test them at the end.  Should I have them
evaluate each session or just the entire course.

Over 90% of our tutoring is drop in.  Does anyone have a training
program targeted toward this type of tutoring.  We exceeded one thousand
visits last semester, and at times we had over 25 students in the center
with only three tutors available.  Is there any training you do that is
appropriate for that situation?

I have more questions, but this will do for now.  I also plan on
ordering Martha's book which should answer many questions.

Your help is greatly appreciated.

Craig Andres
Kettering University