What a great thread to begin the new year!

When I was in grade and highschool in Pittsburgh, PA, our grades were A
B C D E, and E was the failing grade.  Imagine my surprise when I met
someone from another part of the country who was proud to have received
an E!  Of course, in that person's school district, E stood for

When I went to college at Carnegie-Mellon University (well, when I
started it was Carnegie Institute of Technology), the grades were A B C
D R!  R was the failing grade and meant Repeat.  To make matters even
stranger, you could also receive a grade of X which meant conditional
failure.  Of *course* I never received an X, but I think a conditional
failure was something like an incomplete.  If you didn't hand in
required work, you'd fail.  But, you could also get an I for incomplete,
so your guess is as good as mine.

In today's vernacular, I think we should give the grade of S for
failure.  The S, of course stands for "sucks."  Forgive me!

Lonna Smith