Reported by Gene Kerstiens via Rick Sheets' email account
          Winter Institute, January 6, 1998, Summary of Session
                          19th Annual Institute

                           Tuesday, January 6

Presenters and Trainers:  Rick Sheets, Paradise Valley Community College

& Bill Mathis, South Mountain Community College
"Computer Literacy and Beyond"

     Originally the plan was to break participants into two groups, the
Haves & the Have Nots in terms of experience with internet
communication.  One group, those who presently need email skills, were
to visit one campus and those wanting to work on preparing a website at
the other.  But the email level site was not available because of
unforeseen facility remodeling activity.  Innovatively, the two
presenters worked through the night on a plan to effectively combine the
two groups for a day of orientation, training, and, unbelievably, the
production of a web page.  Some members, the writer included, were
doubtful that such a diverse group could be served.  But results of this
venture surprised us.

     The session began with a brief history of the networking system.
Web-based instruction began while focusing on Netscape as a presentation
tool, then web page design, and finally an explanation of terms: server,
client, web page,web site, URL, hypertext, hypermedia, FTP, and html.
References to definitions of these terms listed in a locally prepared
training manual made the meaning of technical language clear as
presenters explained their application to preparing a web page and
establishing a website.

Using the web building features of Netscape Navigator Gold, twenty
participants were sheparded through the process of completing one web
page consisting of the following:  the composer's name, photograph
(which was taken and prepared the day before), a brief biographical
sketch, and email address, if any.  These were saved and and will appear
on line within a matter of hours.  So if you would like to meet members
of this year's Winter Institute group,  touch the appropriate links on
the Winter Institute Website
You are invited to view this product, evidence that this day's work
exceeded expectations.

Talk with you tomorrow,

Gene Kerstiens
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