Reported by Gene Kerstiens via Rick Sheets' email account
Winter Institute, January 6, 1998, Summary of Session
19th Annual Institute


Tuesday, January 6

Presenters and Trainers:  Rick Sheets, Paradise Valley Community College
& Bill Mathis, South Mountain Community College
"Computer Literacy and Beyond"

     Originally the plan was to break participants into two groups, the Haves & the Have Nots in terms of experience with internet communication.  One group, those who presently need email skills, were to visit one campus and those wanting to work on preparing a website at the other.  But the email level site was not available because of unforeseen facility remodeling activity.  Innovatively, the two presenters worked through the night on a plan to effectively combine the two groups for a day of orientation, training, and, unbelievably, the production of a web page.  Some members, the writer included, were doubtful that such a diverse group could be served.  But results of this venture surprised us.

     The session began with a brief history of the networking system.  Web-based instruction began while focusing on Netscape as a presentation tool, then web page design, and finally an explanation of terms: server, client, web page,web site, URL, hypertext, hypermedia, FTP, and html.  References to definitions of these terms listed in a locally prepared training manual made the meaning of technical language clear as presenters explained their application to preparing a web page and establishing a website.

Using the web building features of Netscape Navigator Gold, twenty participants were sheparded through the process of completing one web page consisting of the following:  the composer's name, photograph (which was taken and prepared the day before), a brief biographical sketch, and email address, if any.  These were saved and and will appear on line within a matter of hours.  So if you would like to meet members of this year's Winter Institute group,  touch the appropriate links on the Winter Institute Website <http//>
You are invited to view this product, evidence that this day's work exceeded expectations.

Talk with you tomorrow,

Gene Kerstiens
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