Community colleges in NC have just finished the quarter to semester conversion.  Our developmental courses have 5 contact hours/4 credit hours.  At this community college, developmental classes meet for 3 fifty-minute periods and 1 two-hour lab each week.  The advantage of this system is that we now have opportunities to do collaborative projects, spend real time learning to use calculators, word processors, solve group problems, have guest speakers, learn some library research techniques, etc.  Initially, creating the two-hour lab has put a burden on instructors.  At the same time, we agree that the benefits of the two-hour lab are substantial for students.
Susan Paterson, Asheville-Buncombe Tech CC, Asheville, NC

Michael Douglas wrote:

Fellow Lrnasst-ers:

We are converting to the semester system and need input on how other
learning support departments implement lab and lecture for basic writing.

Currently, we are on the quarter system: lecture is five days a week, and
students attend the lab on their own time.  However, under our semester
coonversion plan, students will attend lecture three days a week and lab
two days weekly, but some other combination at the same ratio may be
settled on later.

Please let us know how you implement your lecture/lab system.

Mike D.