Back in September you sent the following message to the LRNASST list:
> If you are not as yet familiar with Academic Exchange Quarterly, a "Teachers'
> Professional Development Resource," I strongly encourage you to check it out.
> The subscription rate is $29 for individuals.  This is also an excellent
> publication outlet for anyone, whether you are in the "publish or perish" tenur
> e track or not.  If you contact me off-line, I wll be glad to provide the Notes
>  for Contributors, which are much more flexible than for most professional
> publications.  I am at [log in to unmask]  For direct information
> contact [log in to unmask]
> Jeanne Higbee

Is it too late to have the Notes for Contributors sent to me?  Do you
know if this organization would have any interest in essays written on
education themes?  I have written one about student attendance.  I also
have several short sketches about specific students.

Lonna Smith
Dept. of Linguistics & Language Development
San Jose State University
1 Washington Square
San Jose, CA  95192-0093

or at home:

117 Winsted Court
San Jose, CA  95139