Gary Probst wrote:

You omitted the several types of antique cars:

1.  Until the college changed the rules one student spend 12 YEARS

2.  I have had the same student sign up for my online math course for
    the past two years.  She only comes to the college to sign up.  I
    have never seen her.

3.  Maryand permits anyone over the age of 60 to attend a community
    college without paying.  I had a very nice man in my class who
    who 80 years old.  In the middle of the semester he passed.

Sue Lorraine Lavorata wrote:
> >the best ones are the street rod students:) Classic cars with nice
> Chevy Big Blocks of knowledge:)
> >
> > Our students' brains are like cars.  There are classics, race cars,
> > jallopies, junkers and wrecks.  We don't make cars here; we fix 'em.  We
> > tune 'em up, charge batteries, call in specialists when the wiring is not
> > right.   I really love fixin'!  I never forget for a moment, however, that
> > I don't own the car.
> >
> >
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