Are you familiar with the text, Mathematics - A Human Endeavor, A Book for
Those Who Think They Don't Like the Subject by Harold R. Jacobs? (W. H.
Freeman and Company) I would highly recommend it to anyone teaching or
tutoring math, as a fantastic resource.

    ... Gail

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Mike Giazzoni wrote:

> I taught a developmental beginning algebra class for prefreshmen last
> summer.  I am thinking of changing the format to a Critical
> Thinking/Practicl Math/Intro to Algebra course; most of the later stuff I
> covered was not very useful to these students.
> I'm looking for a book.  I've read of the Crossroads in Mathematics study
> that Marilyn Mays helped produce, and I'm wondering if there are any books
> along those lines.
> Any suggestions would be helpful.  Thanks in advance.
> Mike Giazzoni
> Program for Academic Success
> Point Park College
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