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This week's Word 97 Tip

Turning submenus into floating toolbars

As you work with some of Word 97's menus, you'll discover a few special
"tear-off" submenus. You can identify this type of submenu by the bar that
runs across the top of it. When you display one of these submenus, you can
click on the bar and drag the submenu free of its parent menu. Word will
then display the submenu as a floating toolbar until you click its Close
button to dismiss it. These toolbars are handy when you need to repeatedly
access a set of options, because you don't have to run through the
menu/submenu selection process over and over.

For example, you might create floating toolbars for options normally
accessed via the menus and submenus on Word's Drawing toolbar. This
arrangement provides immediate access to tools that are ordinarily tucked
away-a seemingly small convenience that can save you an enormous amount of

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