At the the University of Alaska Fairbanks, we offer both 100 level and 0
(zero) level courses in reading.  We offer only 100 level courses in study
skills.  Here's a summary of the 100 level courses.  Each counts for
university credit as indicated, will count as electives towards a degree, and
is transferable depending on student grade and receiving institution policy.

DEVS 101    3 credits    Skills for College and Career Success
A diverse menu of study skills for the student entering the college
environment.  Skills include active listening, effective reading, taking
usablenotes, test taking, communication, time and money management.  Students
learn personal development skills that assist in addressing intrusive issues
that impact the learning process, increasing self-esteem, and relating these
skills to the classroom and later to a career.

DEVS 102    1-3 credits    Introduction to Distance Education
A diverse menu of study skills for the student entering the distant learning
college environment.  Skills include: active listening,effective reading,
taking usable notes, test preparation and test taking strategies,
communication, and the use of technology as a study resource -- all in the
distance learning context.  Additionally, personal development elements such
as time management, working with university representatives, and accessing
local resources will provide skills to maximize the learning experience and
address the intrusive issues that impact the learning process.

DEVS 104    1-3 credits    University Communications
Introduces the unique methods of communication required at the college
level.  May link with selected lecture courses.  May be repeated.

DEVS 105    3 credits    Intensive Reading Development
Develops vocabulary, strategies, speed, and comprehension to enhance success
with textbook reading.  Composition of essays in relation to readings.

DEVS 106    1 credit    Speed Reading
Introduction to newest speed reading techniques.  Development of flexible
reading rates and increased comprehension and vocabulary skills.  Application
of teachniques to study, professional, and leisure reading.

DEVS 107    3 credits    Reader-Writer Workshop
A reeader-writer workshop to develop fluency in reading and writing skills
for persons whose first language is not English.  Intensive speaking,
listening, reading, and writing activities.

DEVS 108    1 credit    Study Skills Lab
Improvement of study skills in areas of greatest need on an individual or
small group basis in the lab or other workshop or individualized format.
Topics include time and stress management, listening/notetaking, library
research, and mdmory.

DEVS 110    1 credit    College Success Skills
An introduction and overview of the diverse skills, strategies and resources
available to ensure success in the college experience.  Topics include study
skills, time management, career planning, stress management, communciation
skills, test taking and presonal development skills.

Shirey VanHook wrote:

> We have formed a committee to look at cut off scores on the ASSET and
> Compass for reading.  It has been proposed that we make reading mandatory
> for certain students.  English and math (2 levels of each) are already
> mandatory.  If any of you would share these scores with me I would
> apreciate it.
> also--
> Does anyone know of a school that offers a College Reading & Study Skills
> course that counts as an elective toward a degree and is transferrable?
> I have heard of offering institutional credit and the course not
> transferring but someone claims this type of course be an elective that
> students could count torward their graduation requirements and transfer to
> other schools. Please let me know if you offer this course for credit, how
> many hours and do you count it as an elective.  I know this has been on
> the list from time to time but THEY want recent info.
> Shirey Van Hook
> Academic Achievement Center
> Ozarks Technical Community College
> P.O. Box 5958
> Springfield, MO 65801

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