I was thinking of having either three 3.5 hour sessions on Saturdays, or
four 2.5 hour sessions on Saturdays.

We have had monthly meetings to complete the training which worked fairly well.  Last year I tried a one day seminar on the first Saturday that the students were back on campus.  That really went very well and I am going to do the same this semester.  I had three guest speakers and we broke up lectures with role playing and some hands-on activities.  My tutors were all psyched for the semester and I had the training out of the way early.  We videotaped the sessions for students who wanted to join the ranks after the seminar.

I also plan on requiring that a tutor must have one semester of
experience tutoring before they can take the course.

I'm a little confused by this plan.  Isn't that getting the cart before the horse?

I don't know if I should test them at the end.  Should I have them
evaluate each session or just the entire course.

Because each of our sessions is done so differently and by different people I opted to test them after each one and asked them to complete an evaluation.  That also gave me a standard for testing those students who viewed the videos for their training.  We presented them with certificates at the end of the day.  It was really a good experience and helped them to bond as a team from the beginning and buy into the tutoring program.

I have more questions, but this will do for now.  I also plan on
ordering Martha's book which should answer many questions.

Excellent Resource!!

Craig Andres
Kettering University