I don't think anybody should ascribe any hostile motives to the staff
people involved.

First, I didn't know whether or not we had to resubmit paperwork to be
considered for a return to the panels, so I asked the folks who
nominated me last year.  When they got the paperwork this year, my
pieces got passed over to me and I filled them out, added the essay and
the CV, then the whole works was mailed from the nominating

Second, from the paperwork I received to fill out, it says that
self-nomination is not acceptable, i.e., you have to be nominated by one
of the organizations selected to receive the packet containing the

Third, from last year's paperwork, it seems that was the case last year
as well (the organization that nominated me this year also did so last

Last, and I have no idea why I have this impression, I thought the
maximum number of times a single person could go was twice (which may or
may not be true -- but it is my impression).


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