I wonder what is going on with the applications for the Peer Review panels.

I received no notice that I should re-apply--no application or anything.
My Y-Me chapter office called me last Friday in a panic, and today the
National office did the same-- having just realized the deadline for
applications is this Friday.  Both were trying hard to find out who they
should propose and to get the necessary information together in a very
short time (both offices said they'd gotten the information only about 1-2
weeks ago).   I sent them e-mail what they indicated they wanted but
neither mentioned an essay so I assume my application is dead and I won't
under any circumstances be serving this year.

I sure don't mind them deciding to give other women the chance to serve and
thus not to invite those of us who have done it before to apply again.
It's a wonderful experience and as many as possible should be given the

I also don't mind if for some reason they would rather not have me in
particular (and therefore didn't send me information to me).

But I sure think this process has been done in an unrealistically rapid and
catch-as-catch-can system that will miss a lot of good possibilities.  I
know women I would have recommended and made sure got the application if
I'd had time and known what the process would be this year.

What's going on?  Does anyone know?  New people in charge who don't know
what they are doing?  Bad planning so the staff got caught realizing they
only had a very short time to get a list of applicants?  Or is it a
deliberate hit-fast-and-get-the-quick-responders" strategy?   Just
--Karen Gray