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>While there may be a point made in the concept of turning over Windows to the
>public domain, the reality remains that it will never happen. What everyone
>really misses on this point is the fact that with controlling interest, the
>firm can be moved (in name) to an offshore location without giving up it's
>U.S. facilities (since they would then be own by a foriegn firm). This would
>cause an end-run directly around the DOJ, as MicroSoft would then no
longer be
>reachable by the anti-trust laws, and may be considered also to be out of the
>agreement they signed with DOJ several years ago that provides the leverage
>for DOJ.
>-- Marc Glasgow

Just like PC to Macintosh, VHS to Betamax, Microsoft Windows dominates
the marketplace because it got there first, not because it is better than
its competition. Without starting a flame war, I would humbly point out as
a mere consumer and computer nerd the following, based upon experience of
using their stuff:

Microsoft Word is vastly inferior, model for model, to WordPerfect,
at least in a law office. Whether it is the ditzy eye testing icons at
the top, or the sluggish way it responds to anything less than a Pentium II
with 64 megs of RAM, Word.......rhymes with Turd. Even though WP has only
3% of the market, it has a huge number of devotees among the New York Bar,
especially small firms like mine. And we are talking 5.1 for DOS here!

Microsoft Explorer crashes more than Amelia Earhardt. Netscape's similar
product has about a hundred fine plugins from all over the world available
to enhance what does not need much enhancing to start with. My computer dances
to it, and it is an entry level (was state of the art) Pentium 166.

The key to bringing Gates to his knees is not the Dept. of Justice but the
Dept. of Consumers out here. Give new and creative browsers and email a
chance. Ergonomically, while Outlook 98 has pizzazzy features in e mail, it
is an annoyance beyond belief compared to Eudora Lite. Both are currently
free. Eudora Lite is SO much better at manipulating things to subdirectories
that I am actually gonna BUY Eudora Pro, after using Lite for a year.

Let him go offshore. Let him buy hotels with Leona Helmsley. Who cares?
Let him have Yankee Stadium in Cyberspace with Steinbrenner. It does not
matter. Microsoft is not the be all and end all of the Internet, and has
plenty of real competition, if the Govt. will only get off Intel's back
and people realize how really good Motorola hardware is compared to
the imported crap. ( I have used their pro line of radios as an auxiliary
policeman. There is a reason they cost $1300 each or so....they are worth
every penny of it.)

In short, in investing, or in the real world, it is FUNDAMENTALS and
quality that counts. And Microsoft stuff is just the median of the curve.
With faster hardware coming on line in two years that makes the current
equipment more obsolete than a large floppy dual disc job with no
hard drive......better days are coming....for us, not Him.

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