At 07:08 AM 6/10/1998 -0400, D. Roach so eloquently stated:
>True!  All true!  Usually a discussion starts with a question?
Isn't there any
>particular area of the net that people are interested in or
curious.  How about
>email as a legal document?

Correct.  Which is why a lot of list owners (myself included)
post suggested questions at the beginning of the week.  Some
folks get carried away (like another law list owner), and only
allow you to answer those questions.

I am presently engaged as an expert witness in a Net-related
case, and the law firm involved told me (by telephone) that
anything I send via e-mail can be used in the case.  My question
is how do you verify that somebody received the e-mail like you
would do with certified mail?


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