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<< Mikus Grinbergs wrote:

 > The first problem that comes to mind is that there is NO GUARANTEE
 > WHATSOEVER of delivery of email.  Email messages can be mis-routed,
 > accidentally deleted, even destroyed deliberately when a resource
 > overload occurs.

 There are plenty of protocols for ensuring delivery, but most only
 assure delivery to a particular machine, not that the message is
 actually read by the intended recipient. >>

My experience has been, and continues to be, that several companies lose their
clients emails more frequently then others AOL is perhaps the worst. I have
received email as late as 28 days after it has been sent, for example, on AOL
(and it was an offer for retention by a client) -- and delays as long as 5-7
days are not rare on that service.  I guess what I am trying to say, just
because you click send is no guarantee that it will be received in a timely
matter -- which is why I use AOL only for play now.