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Didn't someone write a book, Saint Tom?  No I checked my books, it was
Great Tom by T. S. Matthews.  But the Sewanee Review put out a memorial
volume to him Winter 1966 that practically canonized him.

Those were different days when giants walked in the hills  :).  I can never
make the smiley face work any way take this as irony please.

Today, however, we have Woolf's diaries, which cut Eliot down to size, and
all the information about his sex life.  Moreover his plays can seem
risible in their pomposity.  I can't take Eliot as seriously as we all did
in the fifties.

Yet one memory I have was seeing the great man himself in Schrafts on
Harvard Square in 1958 or 1959.  The poet's theater was putting on one of
his plays, perhaps the Cocktail Party, to which I had gone.  And there
Eliot was big as life, serenely eating ice cream.  I almost fell off my
stool.  Anne

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