You are a beautiful person with a heart bigger than France so please
continue to share your kindness and wisdom with the list and do not
let anything stop you. God bless you, you are a dear friend. Lorraine

> You know, I really don't want to beat a dead horse here.  Many of you
> realize that I am far from being a technology wizard, & it had not even
> occurred to me to delete part of the message.  On a typical day in the
> office I get ready for class, go teach 3 classes in different buildings,
> hopefully eat lunch, see counseling appointments all afternoon, & then
> try to respond to all my e-mail & phone messages, plus prepare mailings
> for people who request things, etc.  Forget getting to aerobics class by
> 5 pm to work off the stress, etc.!  Forget actually working on research,
> grading papers, or doing editorial work before nightfall!  I admit that
> I am getting defensive now, & like others on this list, will probably
> think long & hard before posting anything further!
> Jeanne Higbee
> P.S.  For those of you who do not know me personally, you may not be
> aware of my professional commitments.  I wok long & hard, & I'm sorry
> that I sent what I did not even realize was a chain letter to this
> listserv, but ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!  MEA CULPA! & let's move on!
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France is the only country with a 300m flagpole.
Gustave Eiffel on the Eiffel Tower

"All people have two countries and one of them is France." Benjamin Franklin