Heather's question:
>What suggestions can I give to a student who is struggling with only one
>of his courses?  I have run out of "answers."

My thoughts on the subject:
I think John should perform a postmortem on at least one of his exams.  He
needs to look at each item individually and determine exactly why he missed

When he does his postmortem, he should use his textbook and lecture notes
and locate the material that the item covered.  When my students perform a
postmortem, they usually decide that they have not learned the material
covered in the item well enough.  Sometimes they say they misread a test
item.  There are any number of reasons why John might have miss an item,
and he needs to look for patterns of items he tends to miss.   Perhaps he
knows unrelated facts and has not constructed a coherent  understanding of
the material (my best guess at this point).

John will probably need to ask his professor if he can study the old test
during an office hour.  The professor will want to remain in the office to
maintain test security if that is an issue.

After writing the above I discovered others had already made similar
suggestions.   I offer it again lest it get buried among alternative ideas.

Linda L. Johnson
Kirkwood Community College
Iowa City, IA  52240
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