May I add my thanks to Susan for a job well done.  Not only did Susan
improve the quality of the newsletter and get more NADE members involved in
providing information/interviews, Susan reduced the cost of the newsletter
in the process!

Best wishes Susan.  When you have the time again, we welcome you back to
the leadership of our professional organizations.

Don Garnett

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Subject:        KUDOS AND REGRETS

Upon reading the most recent NADE Newsletter, I was saddened to see that
Susan McKinney Ertel is resigning as Newsletter editor.  I truly understand
why she/we must quit some things in order to explore others.  Therefore, I
don't chastise Susan.  Just the opposite.

While Susan has served as editor, the Newsletter has never been better.  It
has always been good, but she raised the standards of excellence to new
heights.  Her skills and talents will be missed.

I considered sending Susan a personal email, but praise of her
accomplishments deserves a wide audience.  So, Susan, thanks for being
sooooo good.

Gene Beckett