I am forwarding this request from a colleague in the Sociology Department
here at the University of Idaho.  She is the professor for the Sociology
course that is a co-req for my FTS sections.  Our linked courses are for
freshmen only and are an experiment on the part of our administration in
so far as her course is the only core course here that is limited to
freshmen.  Dr. Babcock attended the national Freshman Year Experience
conference last year and became an instant convert to the causes of
freshmen.  According to her the conference was "the best one she has
attended in her professional career.

If you have articles that might serve her request, I encourage you to send
her the abstract and thank you in advance for providing assistance and
support to a "converted" faculty member.

        CAUTION:  Ojects on the calendar are closer than they appear!!!

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Subject: retention

A paper session focusing on student retention issues and strategies is
being organized for the Pacific Sociological Association annual meetings
in Portland, Oregon April 17-21, 1999.  Papers dealing with social science
programs, courses, or research in this area are invited to send an
abstract to

Ginna M. Babcock, PhD
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