On Mon, 9 Nov 1998, Church, Paulette wrote:
> If you are at a BA degree granting institution, I would like to get a
> few pieces of information from you:
> Name of your college: University of Pittsburgh
> How many years has your center been open:  26 years
> Is there a movement to close it?  No.  We've actually expanded. Only
thing closed was our computer lab but that was due to the dissolvement of
a joint funding agreement, a circumstance over which we had no control.

However, I should point out that a similar rationale was used to eliminate
a summer provisional admission program, the Summer Transition Education
program.  The reason given was that Pitt is attracting larger numbers of
applicants with better academic profiles and that to admit less qualified
students would displace those with stronger profiles.  So, in terms of
this particular program, the rational you are facing was used to justify
elimination of the STEP program.

> Approximately how many students do you serve, in terms of any units of
> measure you use? 3500 annuall
> Do you include tutoring services?  Math tutoring
> What differences do you see occurring in terms of usage over the past
> 3-5 years?  It has increased significantly with our Supplemental
Instruction program.
> What are the other questions I should be asking?

Perhaps where the center is located organizationally within the
institution.  Our's is in Student Affairs but has much support from the
academic area.

> What are other trends of which I should be aware of

Sounds like your administrator has been reading too much about the City
University of New York situation.

Georgine Materniak
University of Pittsburgh
Learning Skills Center