Hi everyone,

I feel a need to back up and explaine my thinking when I wrote this
email...months and months and months ago.  I was having a major problem
with a few excelent students getting between 10 and 30 hours of tutoring a
week and maintaining 4.0 GPA, and then my not having enough tutoring hours
left to help anyone else on campus that needed or wanted help.  I tried in
my original message to give the "Readers Digest" version of what was going
on and not bore everyone on the list with all of the crazy details (20% of
those requesting tutoring were receiving 70% of the tutoring hours and were
receiving the 3.66 to 4.0 GPA and CUM GPAs)...{does that make sense?}.  My
concern was finding a balance between providing tutoring to eveyone that
needed/wanted it and not getting scamed to the point where I was over
budget by almost double...which happened winter quarter.

The other half of the story was that I had people coming in with their
friend that they wanted to have as their tutor...thus my concern that
actual tutoring was not going on as had happened in the past at this
college (befor my time).  I must tell you I inherited a very mess program
and have spent the last year trying to build it into something that
resembles an effective and efficient program.  Needless to say I have put
many new policies into place that are helping to prevent abuses of the
tutoring program and those policies have caused an interesting drop in the
number of existing tutors that I have this quarter.  All I can say is that
I can now trust the tutors that I have working for me.

Ok, with all of that said....I am still trying to keep things going in a
positive direction, trying to educate everyone on campus that tutoring is
for everyone and there should be no stigma attached, and trying to educate
myself on how to move this program to the next level.


At 09:17 AM 11/2/98 -0500, you wrote:
>On Mon, 2 Nov 1998, Craig Andres wrote:
>> LynneMarie Szymanski wrote:
>My greatest frustration is with those students that have been and
>> > want to keep using the tutoring services as a way to insure they
maintain a 3.66 or 4.0 GPA (the grad students are the worst)
>Yow! I just read a 1984 article by Stephen North called "The idea of a
>Writing Center"-- one of his principal problems is writing instructors who
>send only students with major problems, not "the talented, the average" to
>seek help at the center.(Read this as  our English division is attempting
>to start a writing center.)
>Since its beginnings in 1975, our center has constantly battled the
>misperception among both students and faculty that we are a "remedial"
>center, that only people with problems or who are failing seek help.
>We want to see, and do see, developmental students and students taking
>Calculus III; students who are here for 3 hours every week and students
>who come once for 5 minutes.
>Tutoring and its underlying priciples of independence and collaboration
>are beneficial to all learners!
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