Yes, there is a training workshop to clarify the process and expectations
so that potential applicants have a clear idea of what they are being
asked to do and to provide. A prepilot revealed that this is necessary
so that potential applicants can decide if their program is eligible and
if they are able and willing to conduct the extensive self study process
that is required.

We are determining where the current applicant pool is with their
self-studies in order to know if we will be ready to train a new pool of
applicants for the 99 NADE Conference. I will keep everyone posted about
future application opportunities.

The original posting was to Ronald Illingworth on Oct. 27th if you are
searching the archives.

On Tue, 10 Nov 1998, sandy swan wrote:

> Did I recently read on the list that the first step in ceritfication is to
> attend a workshpo at NADE?  I thought I saw this within the last week, but
> couldn't find it anywhere in the archives for November.

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