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This is a followup to an earlier LRNASST posting by Georgine Materniak about the the CAS Standards and Guidelines for Learning Assistance Programs.  The NADE homepage, along with other professional associations, is providing a link to the document.  The direct URL address for the document is  There are additional workbook materials that can be purchased from CAS that can lead a user to use the standards to improve their program.  CAS's homepage is

Representatives of NADE, CRLA, ACPA, MCLCA, NYCLSA and other national associations were involved with the creation and revision of this document.  This CAS document compliments other sets of national standards such as the NADE Self-Evaluation Guidelines, NYCLSA Statement of Ethics and General Guidelines for Learning Assistance Programs, and CRLA's Tutor Certification Guidelines.

CAS is pleased to announce the publication of functional area Self-Assessment Guides to accompany its "Blue Book" of Standards and Guidelines entitled CAS: The Book of Professional Standards for Higher Education, 1997 The new CAS Self-Assessment Guides (SAGs) include the most current versions of CAS Standards and Guidelines for Learning Assistance and other functional areas of interest such as:  Academic Advising, Commuter Student Programs, Counseling Services, Disability Support Services, Minority Student Programs, Outcomes Assessment & Program Evaluation, and Student Orientation. 

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