A summer institute in Texas sounds great!  Keep us posted.

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Frank Christ and I have talked for several years now about me establishing a Summer
Institute for Technology in Developmental Education.  Modeled after the successful Winter
Insitutes, participants would have the opportunity to come and learn about how to
integrate technology into their developmental education programs both to expand their
personal expertise and to expand the opportunities for their students.   I am currently
planning on the initial Summer Institute this summer, but I would like your feedback on
content.  Those of us who use technology regularly could impose a content on you, but I
would be much more interested in what you would like to learn.

What specifically would you like to learn?

Would you like to learn on the PC (IBM or clone) platform primarily or Mac?

Would you spend 5 days in central Texas in a developmental education technology
"boot camp?"

Would you rather learn about 7 topics designed around beginners and intermediates or come
to learn and finish 1 project?

Would you want graduate credit through our masters degree in Adult and Developmental
Education or our new degree in Instructional Technology?

I will compile the answers and design an Institute around your needs.  Reply to the
listserv. Also ask your colleagues who have not developed in their ability to use
technology to the point where they are capable of using e-mail.

Thanks for your time,

David Caverly
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