Is there any possibility that this student is accustomed to learning factual information in his engineering and math classes and is transferring that technique to psychology?  Often, psych and soc instructors use questions that require application of information, and an intensive focus on "just the facts" may leave the student feeling helpless.

If this is the case, I try to make sure that the student learns how to ask him/herself questions as part of the study process that get beyond the knowledge level and require application and synthesis of material.

One more possibility to consider . . .


What suggestions can I give to a student who is struggling with only one
of his courses?  I have run out of "answers."  Here's the situation.

John is passing all of his engineering and math courses, but no matter
how much he studies, he cannot pass any of his tests in his Principles of
Management or his Psychology 101 course.

What other suggestions can I make that I may be forgetting?  Thanks in
advance for your help!

Heather Newburg
Learning Center Director
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