Sorry to jump in without knowing the score (gee, don't I tell students no
to do that?)

As for tutor-hogging:

If tutoring is by appointment, a good rule of thumb is 1 hr. of tutoring
per hour of class per week.  Three class hours = three tutor hours.

If it's walk-in, that's a bigger problem. The solution begins with your
tutors.  They must buy into the philosophy that the goal of tutoring is to
create independent learners.  Our tutors are often working with several
students at once, either rotating between them or working with a pair or
trio. They know they should not "poach" another tutor's students.

Students are directed to a particular tutor when they sign in. They are
also given a list of expectations, one of which is that they can NOT
expect a tutor's undivided attention for an hour at a time.

We had one tutor who was an awful poacher (since departed). The occasional
manipulative student flits from tutor to tutor, suckering them into extra
or prolonged help.  When we spot such a pattern, all the tutors are made
aware of it and guidelines for giving assistance are reinforced.

Another approach is to set up study groups/tables which meet at a regular
time and have a tutor assigned to the group for an hour, primarily as a

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