On Mon, 2 Nov 1998, Craig Andres wrote:

> LynneMarie Szymanski wrote:
My greatest frustration is with those students that have been and
> > want to keep using the tutoring services as a way to insure they maintain a
> > 3.66 or 4.0 GPA (the grad students are the worst)
> I see nothing wrong with students using tutoring for that reason.  We
> have many students coming to our tutors to maintain high grades, guess
> who I often recruit to become tutors?

Yow! I just read a 1984 article by Stephen North called "The idea of a
Writing Center"-- one of his principal problems is writing instructors who
send only students with major problems, not "the talented, the average" to
seek help at the center.(Read this as  our English division is attempting
to start a writing center.)

Since its beginnings in 1975, our center has constantly battled the
misperception among both students and faculty that we are a "remedial"
center, that only people with problems or who are failing seek help.
We want to see, and do see, developmental students and students taking
Calculus III; students who are here for 3 hours every week and students
who come once for 5 minutes.

Tutoring and its underlying priciples of independence and collaboration
are beneficial to all learners!

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