Dr. Ann Mann at North carolina State University presented at the NTA
meeting in 98. She had a large data base and was to have published by now.
It did correlations. Interesting study.

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On Mon, 2 Nov 1998, John M. Flanigan wrote:

> Stacy:
> I've asked the same question, and have received no answers that I find
> really helpful. Martha Maxwell indicated that studies show tutoring to be
> positively correlated with higher retention rates, but not necessarily
> with higher grades. I'd like to see the studies. It seems to me to be a
> very difficult project to choose an appropriate control cohort so that a
> truly unbiased comparison could be made. If anyone has a good answer to
> this questions, I'm sure nearly all of us would be very interested.
> My review of the literature has caused me to become very interested in
> Supplemental Instruction (I capitalize it since it seems to have been
> well-formalized by its practitioners) as exemplified by the people at UMKC
> Center for Supplemental Instruction (
> They seem to have some pretty good data that indicate a positive effect of
> their efforts. I'd be interested in your opinion.
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> On Mon, 2 Nov 1998, Stacy Kinnell wrote:
> > I was just wondering if there is any research out there that says that,
> > under so and so conditions, tutoring works. I am designing a bit of
> > research the end of this quarter that hopes to answer the question,
> > "Does tutoring work?" I am tutor coordinator for UAB Athletic
> > Department, and much of our budget goes to fund tutoring. I am not
> > convinced that intentisive tutoring is better than study hall. That is
> > what I would like to know. I will be comparing the grades of "Yes
> > tutoring" bunch vs "No tutoring" bunch. Also taking into account other
> > variables such as number of hours tutored, class level, mandatory
> > tutoring vs non-mandatory tutoring, etc. etc.  I hope that my research
> > indicates that tutoring helps, because we are spending thousands and
> > thousands of dollars for little gain.
> >
> > Anyone know of any research?
> >
> > Stacy Kinnell
> > Athletic Academic Advisor/Tutor Coordinator
> > UAB Blazers
> >