Announcing a new resource from The Student Affairs Virtual Compass--

The SHORT COURSE brings the works of distinguished authors directly
to the student affairs administrator's e-mail in-basket.  The
medium utilized is six lessons, delivered via e-mail, one per week,
containing background information on the topic; the findings, concepts,
and theories; and exercises to help individuals apply their new

The first "course" to be offered is "Understanding Diversity," by
Dr. Jane Fried, a self-teaching text designed to give readers a
large amount of information about the areas in which culture shapes
behavior.  The SHORT COURSE will present both text and exercises
to help the reader learn to assess cross-cultural situations.

The SHORT COURSE is free.  As an added bonus, the publisher,
Wadsworth Publishing, has agreed to discount the book to all
subscribers of the "course."

To find out more about this exciting new Internet Resource, and
how to subscribe, go to:

The "Understanding Diversity" SHORT COURSE is scheduled to begin
on December 1, 1998.

Stuart Brown
The Student Affairs Virtual Compass