Starting pay for tutors at St. Lawrence is 5.55/hr. This is standard "Pay
Grade B." (Four grades, A-D. D at the bottom. Grades are intended to
reflect the necessity of background and level of responsibility. EMT's
are at the top.) Promotions to new pay-levels happen annually in my
office: my assumption is that if I re-hire someone, they're good enough
to get a raise. I have the freedom to make such a decision, and then
fight out the budget end on my own.

In addition, I've just started a program this year of tutor-mentors. I
appoint several tutors in different disciplines to a position of somewhat
more responsibility: organizing tutor-meetings, assisting with training,
being available for procedural or theoretical questions from other
tutors, etc... I have a staff, currently, of 45 tutors, 6 of whom are
mentors. There are also 4 "contacts": tutors who have been around long
enough to know the program and give short presentations about it to
faculty, students, and student leaders. Mentors and Contacts are paid in
the $6 to $7 range.

If I were currently using the crla certification (I just don't have the
time, frankly) I would use the leverage of the certification to push for
higher wages.

Wages aren't the biggest issue, though: students here want to assume
higher levels of responsibility as they progress, and want to be able to
grow professionally.

10 positions out of a tutor base of roughly 50 seems to allow for enough
growth-positions here. (Between students going abroad, losing time to
senior projects, and graduating, I only keep about 1 in 5 for longer than
two years. I'm hoping, though, that the prospect of growth will attract
more students to stay in the job longer.)

Steve Runge
Academic Skills Coordinator
St. Lawrence U.
Canton, NY 13617
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