Our Learning Center has one full time professional staff member (me)
responsible for overall daily operations under the supervision of the library
director. We also have 1 part-time patron assistance clerk working 30 hpw, 2
part time lab techs who each work approx. 22 hours per week, 15 tutors who are
current students, graduates, students at four year colleges/universities, or
professinals, including some of the college's current part time faculty.
Tutors work between 8-25 hours per week, with the average approx. 15 hpw. We
also have one or more volunteers and a few work-study students.

In addition the college's GED programs are within the Center with a full-time
program director, a full time GED test center staff member a full time
counselor and 16 part time GED and GED/College Prep instructors. There is not
much integration of the GED programs into the main operation of the Center
yet, as their transition from another dept. just tce this past summer. We also
have an afterschool program for high school students with 3 part-time staff;
an English and math instructor and a program counselor.

We are open 59 hour per week and serve approx. 350 students who utilize the
Center for tutoring, CAI, computer learning lab, multimedia nursing lab and/or
disabilities access lab.

Ideally I would like to have at least one full time clerk, one full time
learning specialist and a tutorial operations manager, but...

R. Schotka
Roxbury Community College
Boston, Ma