Hi All,

This is my first ever posting to a list serve.

The Tutor Program at Sierra College (Rocklin, Calif. ) is centralized: we
provide services for the District and two Centers (Grass Valley and

There are three levels for the tutors, Student Tutor I ($7.50/hr.), Student
Tutor II ($8.00/hr), and Student Tutor III ($8.50/hr).  The pay range is for
one student or two or more.  The tutors are allowed to work up to 20 hrs per

The tutors are required to complete a transfer level ( CSU system) 1 unit
training course, which I teach.  This is the first year for the 1 unit
configuration.  Previously I taught it as a 3 unit, all semester course.
This course also satisfies the oral communication requirement for an AA/AS
degree.  I am planning to eventually do an online tutor training course, but
that is a couple of semesters from now.  I also want to develop an online
tutoring program for our center in Tahoe/Truckee, and for some of our very
rural students in the Sierra foothills.

We will provide tutors for any subject, if we have a tutor that is qualified
to tutor that subject.  The tutors are recommended by instructors, must have
received an "A" or "B" in the subject, and have completed the "Tutor
Training" class. I use the "Tutor Tapes" in my class along with a lot of my
own material, and I find them to be beneficial, the students also appreciate
the "brief-ness" of them, which gives the students an opportunity to discuss
topics presented, but from the perspective of our program.

We are housed in the Learning Resource Center with a Writing Center and Math
Drop-in Center on either side, and the Open Access Computer Lab across the
hall.  This gives student-users access to support services with ease and

We also do test proctoring for faculty and the Distance Learning Program.

The students using tutorial services register in a non-credit, no fee,
non-transfer course, which allows us to generate FTES.

The bad part of this, is the majority of data collection is done manually;
I  am trying to learn Access, so we can develop an data base system, but
technology is not my "strong suit."  I remember someone referencing a
program developed by an individual in San Francisco which is an Access
program, but I accidentally sent to the recycle bin and then emptied.

"That All Folks"

I enjoy the list serve and you all have been a great help.

Karie Wyble, Tutor Coordinator-Sierra Community College, Rocklin CA. (on the
way to Reno/Lake Tahoe)
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