Kettering University (formerly GMI) recruits top students in the
nation.  You can check the Newsweek's annual edition on colleges for
exact numbers.  We have a 70% retention rate.  Our Tutor Center,
however, is fairly new (open July 96).  Additionally, we are planning to
expand the services offered, and expand our facilities.

The quality of the student body should not be an issue.  I keep
preaching, though I know there are a few who disagree, that tutoring is
NOT a remedial service.  Our service addresses the needs of an alternate
learning style.

Good luck in your mission.

Church, Paulette wrote:
> As is frequently an issue on many college campuses, our college is
> experiencing the need to significantly cut expenses.  Once again, I need
> to justify the role of our center and justify the cost of keeping it
> open.  We have been an AA degree granting private college, but we have
> added, and plan to add more, BA programs.
> I need your help to address the critical assumption made by one key
> individual, who opposes our continuance.  He stated that most colleges
> are closing their learning centers.  He maintains that "good colleges"
> don't need learning centers because they have only good students.  While
> he may be accurate, this isn't my perception.
> If you are at a BA degree granting institution, I would like to get a
> few pieces of information from you:
> Name of your college:
> How many years has your center been open:
> Is there a movement to close it?  If yes, why?
> Approximately how many students do you serve, in terms of any units of
> measure you use?
> Do you include tutoring services?
> What differences do you see occurring in terms of usage over the past
> 3-5 years?
> What are the other questions I should be asking?
> What are other trends of which I should be aware?
> Thank you so very much.
> Paulette Church
> Waldorf College
> Forest City, IA  50436

Craig Andres
Tutor Program Coordinator
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"With willing hands and open minds, the future will be greater than the
most fantastic story you can write.."  Charles Kettering.