Our learning center at the University of Pittsburgh at Johnstown has been
open for 10 years.   There is no discussion of closing it.  On the
contrary, we are trying to find ways to increase both staff and services
because the services help our students (who are good students) succeed even
more.  We are also committed to increasing our freshman retention and the
LRC has made a positive impact on retaining students.  We have 3,000
students on campus and about 800 students use our services in one way or
another during the year.  Tutoring services by peer tutors is the largest
service and use of tutoring continues to grow, partly due to referrals from
faculty and our freshmen orientation program.

You may want to look at how many of your students are nontraditional
students.  As jobs change and disappear, more adults are returning to the
classroom and need support services to build or refresh skills.  If your
campus has a retention target, make a case for the center as a critical
component in reaching it.


Church, Paulette wrote:

> As is frequently an issue on many college campuses, our college is
> experiencing the need to significantly cut expenses.  Once again, I need
> to justify the role of our center and justify the cost of keeping it
> open.  We have been an AA degree granting private college, but we have
> added, and plan to add more, BA programs.
> I need your help to address the critical assumption made by one key
> individual, who opposes our continuance.  He stated that most colleges
> are closing their learning centers.  He maintains that "good colleges"
> don't need learning centers because they have only good students.  While
> he may be accurate, this isn't my perception.
> If you are at a BA degree granting institution, I would like to get a
> few pieces of information from you:
> Name of your college:
> How many years has your center been open:
> Is there a movement to close it?  If yes, why?
> Approximately how many students do you serve, in terms of any units of
> measure you use?
> Do you include tutoring services?
> What differences do you see occurring in terms of usage over the past
> 3-5 years?
> What are the other questions I should be asking?
> What are other trends of which I should be aware?
> Thank you so very much.
> Paulette Church
> Waldorf College
> Forest City, IA  50436