It's a little hard to get used to (complex program with lots and lots of
database power), but often comes with operating systems, so expense isn't
an issue.

I've been slowly transferring all of my tutoring assignment processes to
Access. I think by the end of this school year, everything will be there:
tutoring specialties, course #'s, professors, tutoring requests,
assignments, and contacts, budget usage. My recent conquest was getting
it to print out a report that I can cut apart & send printed tutoring
assignment confirmation slips to tutees through campus mail.

One can also import and export data from and to MS-Word and Excel, making
mass-mailings and budget work a snap, once you set it up. (I make it
sound so easy! I've been setting up for 3 months & I'm not done yet. But
I think it'll be worth it.)

Steve Runge
Academic Skills Coordinator
St. Lawrence U.
Canton, NY 13617
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