Heather Newburg wrote:
> What suggestions can I give to a student who is struggling with only one
> of his courses?  I have run out of "answers."  Here's the situation.
> John is passing all of his engineering and math courses, but no matter
> how much he studies, he cannot pass any of his tests in his Principles of
> Management or his Psychology 101 course.  The tests are multiple choice and
> essay in the management course and multiple choice in the psych course.
> He understands the material; when he studies with others for management, he
> helps them understand the various concepts, but does poorly on the exams
> while his study partners pass w/ B's.  His study partners tell him that
> they wish they had his study habits and dedication.  When John meets with
> his psych tutor, she says he knows the material but when it comes to the
> tests, he just doesn't do well.  (John is repeating Psych 101.)
> John uses notecards.  He attends class, takes notes, reads the textbook,
> and combines notes from lecture and text.  He studies the subject daily.  He
> studies with others to ensure that his notes are complete and clear.  He can
> recite back information, but when it comes to the testing situation, he does
> not remember (or perhaps know) the material.  He has not been tested for a
> disability, although he does not believe that is the issue.  We've talked
> about test anxiety, but he says he feels relaxed and confident when he
> walks in to take the test.  We've talked about test taking
> techniques...he's doing what he should be.
> What other suggestions can I make that I may be forgetting?  Thanks in
> advance for your help!
> Heather Newburg
> Learning Center Director
> Lake Superior State University
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Hmmmmm.....Sounds like John is doing all the right "stuff".

A couple of questions...

What's his major?
How is he evaluated in his Math and Engineering classes?
Does his preparation for Math/Engineering differ from Management/Psych?
How open are his professors to alternative evaluation methods, i.e.
oral  exams, papers, etc.?
Is he going to be evaluated for a disability?
What are John's perception of Management and Psychology vs. Math and
Engineering, i.e. importance, relevence to his major/career?

A question for John...

If one of your friends were having this "problem", what would you guess
the cause to be?