LynneMarie Szymanski wrote:
> Hi everyone,
> I have a few questions that I have been struggling with in regards to the
> tutoring program that I inherited when I arrived.  This college has
> experienced a major growth spurt over the last few years and the tutoring
> program has not really changed to meet the demands of large numbers of
> students requesting tutoring.  To someone at a large school 90 tutors and
> 150 requests may not seem like to large of numbers.  The way things were
> originally set up worked well with 20 tutors and 30 or 40 students needing
> tutoring...right now it just isn't working.  I have a limited budget to pay
> my tutors with and an increasing number of students that are requesting
> help.  My greatest frustration is with those students that have been and
> want to keep using the tutoring services as a way to insure they maintain a
> 3.66 or 4.0 GPA (the grad students are the worst)

I see nothing wrong with students using tutoring for that reason.  We
have many students coming to our tutors to maintain high grades, guess
who I often recruit to become tutors?

> My questions to the list are...
> 1) Does your one-on-one tutoring program control the number of hours of
> tutoring a student can receive?

Yes and no.  Private tutoring has to first be approved and then the
student is given one to two hours per week.  However, we have drop in
Tutoring which we do not limit access to..

> 2) If so, how is that determined?

Private tutoring has to be recommended by an advisor or professor.  If
the student has not tried using drop in tutoring first, then I ask them
to try that for a couple of weeks first.  If they still insist that they
need private tutoring, then I find a tutor for them.

> 3) What kind of consequences do you have for tutors that fake timesheets
> (ie.  say they were tutoring when the were not)?

Faking time sheets is a serious crime, if I catch someone doing so
intentionally, then they will no longer be tutors.  I have told my
tutors that this is one reason I will dismiss them, and I have once in
the past.

> Thank you in advance for any help/information you may be able to give me.
> My tutors are making me crazy!!!!
> LynneMarie
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