We waive math placement testing for regular freshmen if
their SATM is 500 or above, and verbal placement testing if
their SATV is 550 or above.

For transfer students, we waive all testing if they transfer
30 credits or more.  We waive math testing if they transfer
a college-level math course, and waive verbal testing if
they transfer a freshman composition course.

Towson is a four-year university with FTE of approximately
15,000 students, located in Towson, Maryland, the county
seat of Baltimore County.

        Stefanie Hunt
        Assistant Director
        Developmental Education

Deborah R. Carley wrote:
> Dear Colleagues:
>         I am gathering data on schools which waive placement testing for
> incoming students and under what conditions, e.g. SAT verbal or SAT
> mathematics score (not combined score), certain number of transferable
> college credits with a minimum grades of C, other standardized test such
> as the NLN Admissions Exam, etc.
>         Thank you in advance for any information you can send my way via
> email or by fax: (603) 271-7189.
>         Debbie Carley
>         NH Technical Institute